BlueBoxSystems launches BlueBoxAir

With the launch of BlueBoxAir, you can now track your air cargo across 130 airlines and over 1,600 airports.

The good news is that global air cargo traffic is on the rise, fueled by the growing penetration of e-commerce and customers’ desire to receive goods as quickly as possible. Regardless of whether it’s B2B or B2C. The bad news, however, is that visibility is declining at the same time. Until now, there has been no solution that provides logistics and retail companies alike with a holistic overview of all air cargo shipments. Until now.

With the launch of BlueBoxAir by BlueBoxSystems GmbH, there is now a worldwide unique system to retrieve up-to-the-minute data from over 130 airlines and more than 1,600 airports. This allows not only the answer to the question where a specific shipment is exactly at this moment, but also if it is delayed, why and where the delay has occurred. But BlueBoxAir offers much more information: ATA/ETA, Chargeable weight, Delay, Airline, Aircraft type, Henning Flaspöler BlueBox: Paket#2-Content Osnabrück, 02.04.2021 Transshipment Port, Split Shipment are just a few examples of information you get per shipment.
Additionally, you can create detailed reports based on all data: Get an up-to-the-minute overview of chargeable weight, performance of the respective airlines and/or tradelanes, best in class. The perfect basis to not only optimize your supply chains, but to establish the best supply chains.
All in an intuitive user interface directly accessible via the browser of your choice – no complicated installations, no critical updates.

It is no coincidence that BlueBoxAir meets exactly the current needs of logistics and retail companies. BlueBoySystems GmbH is a spin-off of Business-Code GmbH, a successful software company from Germany that has specialized in logistics digitization for more than 20 years. In the product BlueBoxAir are therefore two decades of development experience, which is noticeable in performance, stability and intuitive operation.

The globally active full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics also takes advantage of this. Their product Hellmann SmartAir! is based entirely on BlueBoxAir. “SmartAir! is a real novelty in the tracking of air freight shipments, which has not previously existed on the market in this form. In times of digitalization and ever-smaller time windows for decisions, quickly available real-time data is becoming increasingly important within global supply chains,” says Henning Pottharst, Smart Visibility Product Manager at Hellmann.

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of our air cargo tracking solution BlueBoxAir. We would be happy to show you the benefits hands-on through a personal demo, via web conference or at your location.

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