BlueBox Systems welcomes ThinkPrime as its newest client

ThinkPrime is a new enthusiastic customer of BlueBox Systems' Air Freight tracking data via the API provided.

Bonn, May 15th, 2023 – BlueBox Systems, provider of real-time data solutions for logistics and supply chain management, is proud to announce ThinkPrime as its newest client. ThinkPrime, a logistics provider that focuses on developing creative solutions to every logistics challenge, has chosen BlueBox Systems for its API capabilities, data quality, and cost-effective solutions.

ThinkPrime’s approach allows its customers to experience an unparalleled level of agility and adaptability that hasn’t been available before. Their expertise and experience in providing tailored routes, centralised paperwork, and an easy-to-use online portal have made them a trusted partner in the logistics industry. With BlueBox Systems’ real-time data solutions, ThinkPrime can now provide its customers with a full visualisation of their supply chain, anytime and anywhere.

The collaboration between BlueBox Systems and ThinkPrime involves the API integration of BlueBox Systems’ data into ThinkPrime’s platform. This allows ThinkPrime to provide enhanced real-time shipment status and location visibility, enabling their customers to track their shipments with ease.

“We set out to create a new way to do things,” said Jason Hickey, Director at ThinkPrime. “And with BlueBox Systems’ real-time data solutions, we can now provide our customers with accurate and timely updates on their shipments. The collaboration with BlueBox Systems has been a great success, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

ThinkPrime is dedicated to providing the most reliable and efficient logistics solutions for their clients’ business needs and pride themselves on working tirelessly to suit their customers’ requirements. Their smarter approach to global logistics and next level customer service is helping them to innovate the industry.

In addition to real-time data solutions, ThinkPrime also benefits from BlueBox Systems’ data-driven insights. By converting BlueBox Systems’ data into dashboards and interfaces, ThinkPrime can further review how different airlines perform, track CO2 emissions, and make necessary adjustments to ensure its services are providing maximum satisfaction to its end customers – helping them meet not just their deadlines, but their carbon goals too.

“We are thrilled to have ThinkPrime on board,” said Martin Schulze, CEO at BlueBox Systems. . “Our collaboration with ThinkPrime has been a great success, and we look forward to continuing to provide them with the real-time data solutions they need to consistently deliver the highest quality of service they’ve established for their clients.”

About BlueBox Systems

BlueBox Systems is a software company that provides real-time data solutions for logistics and supply chain management. With its API capabilities, data quality, and cost-effective solutions, BlueBox Systems helps its clients streamline their logistics, increase their efficiency, and free up their time with digital forms and automated reporting.

About ThinkPrime

ThinkPrime is a digital forward-thinking logistics company that focuses on delivering agile and adaptable solutions for clients. Some of the world’s leading brands, including DHL, Tesla, Vodafone, Fever Tree, TNT and Heidelberg, rely on ThinkPrime for their complex logistics needs. Through centralised paperwork, their easy-to-use online portal and adaptable routes, their customers are able to receive full visualisation of their supply chain at any time and location. By taking a customer-first approach and always listening to their challenges and understanding their pressure points, ThinkPrime provides the right answer to any situation – no matter how big or small.

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