Track the Sustainability of Your Supply-Chain

It is becoming increasingly important in logistics to know the carbon footprint of a shipment. However, the data quality is usually disappointing.
BlueBox Systems, however, offers the most accurate data with its additional CO2 tracking feature and combines the very precise real-time data with the CO2 emissions of the actual aircraft type or ship used.

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Actual CO2-Data

In BlueBoxAir or BlueBoxOcean we do not work with estimated values - we use facts such as the exact aircraft type and the actual delivery time used. This results in the actual Co2 data for your shipments.


Highly-Detailed Reporting

Both platforms offer detailed reporting tools to analyze and optimize your supply chains. In the same way, the performance of the supply chains can also be examined with regard to CO2 and optimized accordingly.


Comprehensible Data

Knowing the actual CO2 emissions of a shipment is good. But do you also know which amount of CO2 produced is bad or still acceptable?
For this reason, we have integrated a graphic for each CO2 value that shows directly whether the CO2 value was low (A) or too high (E).


CO2-Based Decisions

Don't guess what the best decision for your supply chain is. Make a fact-based decision. With BlueBox Systems you can now include the actual Co2 values in this decision.


The Most Accurate CO2-Data on the Market


How we Collect

We combine the real-time shipment data that we extract from various sources with the CO2 data from EcoTransit World. This provides data on the emissions of international and intermodal transportation based on a scientific and neutral methodology. The tool is also accredited by the Smart Freight Center and meets the requirements of EN 16258 and the GHG Protocol (Corporate Standard).

Compensate through
BlueBox Systems

Through our partner myclimate, you can support climate projects based on your CO2 data you have tracked via BlueBoxAir or Ocean and thus "offset" the emissions.
Give something back and support myclimate, for example, by replacing coal burners and fireplaces in third world countries with solar-powered stoves.

Just let us know and we'll take care of everything.

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BlueBox Systems:
Sustainability is Part of Our Company

We not only offer a solution for more sustainability, we also practice it. We are constantly looking at how we can live and work more sustainably as a software provider. Of course, there is still a lot we can do, but every step we take is one step closer to a more sustainable future:

ecovadis Bronze Medaille

Together with our parent company BusinessCode, we were awarded bronze in a sustainability initiative, better than 59% of the industry.


Reusable food containers

Many of our colleagues get something to eat at lunchtime from the restaurants in Bonn city center, often in disposable containers. This has come to an end with our own MealGood reusable containers.


Company Bikes

We support our employees in commuting to work by bike. To this end, we sponsor the leasing of new, modern bicycles for them and offer protection against theft with a bicycle garage.

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