Real-time tracking: New customers for BlueBox Systems' air freight tracking API

More and more companies are using BlueBoxSystems' Air Freight data via the provided API - the easiest way to visibillty.

Bonn, 26 July 2023 – Prompt and seamless exchange of accurate information is essential for a robust logistics network. With ThinkPrime and Delpa Group, BlueBox Systems, a leading developer of intelligent air freight tracking solutions, welcomes two new customers for its state-of-the-art air freight tracking programming interface. With this, BlueBox Systems enables companies to quickly and easily access high-quality air freight data, resulting in streamlined operations.

Using BlueBox Systems’ air freight tracking programming interface, ThinkPrime and Delpa Group each get the ability to integrate BlueBox Systems’ tracking data into their own platform, allowing the independent applications to communicate with each other and share data in real time. This gives all parties along the supply chain access to the most up-to-date and accurate information. For example, carriers gain access to real-time shipment data to optimize routes and allocate resources efficiently. Similarly, manufacturers can get up-to-date shipment tracking information so they can plan production and proactively manage inventory. At the same time, the API solution enhances security by providing controlled data access that ensures only authorized parties can access and use shared information. Finally, the API streamlines processes by fostering automation and seamless system interactions, reducing manual intervention and improving overall operational efficiency.

“Our carrier neutral approach means we are connected to over 200 direct airline accounts and have ties to all major shipping lines so that we can adapt to any logistics challenge or deadline. The integration of BlueBox Systems’ API solution enables us to better provide our customers with accurate and timely updates on their shipments for a seamless experience. We pride ourselves on offering next-level customer service and the accuracy and speed of the data BlueBox supplies is unmatched, making it an incredible tool for bring our clients an even greater level of service,” says Arisa Hickey, Director at ThinkPrime (Thailand).

Chilean logistics provider Delpa Group plans to further expand its tracking offering with the interface solution from BlueBox Systems. “Through our multi-tracking platform, we already enable more than 1,500 multinational logistics providers to access cargo tracking data from airlines, shipping companies, freight forwarders and land transport companies. By integrating the BlueBox API, we can further enhance our service, especially in the air freight sector,” states Alexander Weason, Project Manager at Delpa Group.

“We are very pleased to see our API solution being adopted by more and more companies and to welcome ThinkPrime and the Delpa Group as our newest customers. Our commitment to providing the best air cargo data in the market is unwavering and we will continue to innovate and add value to our customers,” adds Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems.

In addition to the API solution, BlueBox Systems also offers BlueBoxAir, a web-based air freight tracking platform with a fast and intuitive user interface. BlueBoxAir enables companies to efficiently manage their air cargo operations, reduce errors and improve overall productivity. BlueBox Systems also offers a white-label solution for companies that want to use its technology to offer their own air cargo management system to their customers.

About BlueBox Systems

BlueBox Systems makes it possible to monitor airfreight in real time. What was previously a black box, now becomes transparent. The individual stops of air freight while in transit to its destination can be tracked in real time. The shipper knows where the shipment is and can provide information about the estimated time of delivery at any time. Recipients can take care of further scheduling in advance, avoiding costly delays and damage.

About ThinkPrime:

ThinkPrime is a digital forward-thinking logistics company that focuses on delivering agile and adaptable solutions for clients. Some of the world’s leading brands, including DHL, Tesla, Vodafone, Fever Tree, TNT and Heidelberg, rely on ThinkPrime for their complex logistics needs. Through centralised paperwork, their easy-to-use online portal and adaptable routes, their customers are able to receive full visualisation of their supply chain at any time and location. By taking a customer-first approach and always listening to their challenges and understanding their pressure points, ThinkPrime provides the right answer to any situation – no matter how big or small .

About Delpa Group:

At Delpa Group we are experts in integrated logistics solutions. We offer advice and the best transportation services worldwide. Since 1996, we have been dedicated to national and international transportation and logistics operations, with a strong presence in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. We have positioned ourselves as leaders and precursors of constant innovation and technology. All our operations are focused on our customers and operational efficiency. These are the inspiration for our processes and the focus of our actions, with the objective of making our customers’ work simpler and easier, and adding value to their supply chain. Learn more about our services at

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