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Visibility Freight Data: Quick & Easy

Our advanced real-time visibility data, which you can use via our tracking platforms, can also be obtained via our modern API and integrated into your own solutions. Well-known tracking providers already use this API successfully and offer their customers unrivaled data quality.

We would be happy to discuss a possible integration with you.

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The BlueBox Systems
Freight Tracking Data API

Our API combines access to the best real-time freight tracking data on the market with the flexibility of a quick and easy integration. Thanks to the modern design and structure of the API, the data can be retrieved and used in your own solution in the shortest possible time.

Easy & Fast Integration

Our robust API allows for swift and straightforward integration, empowering your business with real-time air and ocean freight visibility.

Key Benefits


Fast Integration

Our API is designed for speed, enabling you to integrate BlueBox Systems swiftly without disruptions to your existing processes.


Real-Time Insights

Access timely and accurate data about air and ocean freight shipments seamlessly through our APIs, ensuring you stay ahead in a dynamic logistics landscape.


User-Friendly Interface

Our API is crafted with simplicity in mind, offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience for developers and users alike.



Trust in the reliability of our API, designed for maximum uptime and smooth data flow to enhance your overall logistics operations.

The Source of our Freight Data

The central distinction of our real-time freight data is the combination of different data sources (e.g. contdainer tracking data by Vizion), which are combined by modern algorithms into a central, trustworthy data set. Based on this, we can offer you APIs specifically for air freight and sea freight data, both of which offer the highest data quality and integration speed.


Air Freight API


API Documentation


Ocean Freight API

API Documentation
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Use Cases for API Deployment

The flexibility of our API offers various scenarios to use our air freight and ocean freight data. This allows you to integrate them freely into your work processes or business model - either simply as an Excel spreadsheet, in combination with your own user interface or as part of many other data sources in your platform.
Integration in Excel

Powerful Sheets

Effortlessly integrate BlueBox Systems API into Excel for real-time air and ocean freight data. Ensure your spreadsheets are always up-to-date, empowering you to create customizable reports and visualizations tailored to your business needs. Elevate your data analysis with the seamless synergy of BlueBox Systems and Excel.

Integration in User Interface

Uplift your own UI

Make your own tracking solution one of the most competitive on the market with our  freight data. Take your solution to the next level and offer your customers a holistic high quality through the interaction of our data and your UI. Whatever your user interface can already do - our data makes it even better.

Integration in Platform

Bring all the Data Together

Combine the real-time tracking data from BlueBox Systems with the data already integrated in your platform. This way you create a consistent high data quality across all features of your platform and offer your customers a holistic strong experience across all offered logistics processes. A platform is only as strong as its data.

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Our Tracking API in Action

Our API is already being used by several major providers - always tailored to their individual use case. Whether as an integration into their own comprehensive logistics platform, their own innovative UI or simply as an Excel spreadsheet, all of our customers are impressed by the quality, flexibility and service we offer them.

Let's Work Together

Even if our API enables simple and fast integration as standard, new requirements can arise through its individual use. 
BlueBox Systems, with its parent company BusinessCode behind it, offers 25 years of development experience in logistics and we can easily extend and adapt the API to your needs and, above all, support you with the integration. 
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