Ocean Freight Tracking 

A real-time port-to-port monitoring solution for freight - no hardware required. Track your ocean freight and receive all the infomation you need to take affirmative action.


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High Speed Overview

Everything at a glance with our exceptions dashboard and newsfeed.

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All the Shipment Data

Real-time carrier updates for 45+ shipping lines (99%).

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Advanced Algorythms

Our algorithms can form a central truth from various data sources.

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Cooperation Tools

Comment & file upload function for each shipment.

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Qualified Decision-Making

Based in real-time volume and performance reporting

Based on Everything that made BlueBoxAir successful

Just like BlueBoxAir, we developed our ocean tracking solution BlueBox Ocean together with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics - and benefited from their expertise as one of the leading freight forwarders. We were able to take the things that made BlueBoxAir so successful and develop them even further: The clear UI, the detailed reporting and, together with our partner Vizion, the high data quality.
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Our dashboard is specially optimized for the most important aspects of ocean freight tracking. This allows you to see all exceptions at a glance, find out how many containers are stuck where or generally behind schedule. The large world map shows the current location in real time and can be zoomed in up to a few meters above the ship. 



Gain a comprehensive view of all your shipments at a glance. Easily organize and sort shipments based on your preferences. Quickly find specific shipments using our intuitive search function. Instantly identify the status of each shipment, whether it's arrived, behind schedule, delayed, or facing events. Access real-time updates on transportation status to stay informed throughout the shipping process.


Container Details

With just one click, access all the essential details of your container. From ETAs to milestones, detailed events, real-time maps, and descriptions of goods, along with vessel names and all the information for each leg of the journey. Effortlessly navigate through all your shipments with ease. Plus, you have the option to add documents such as packing lists, invoices, and B/L. Additionally, you can leave comments for colleagues or clients, enhancing collaboration and communication.

Achieve total Insight into your Ocean Cargo Shipments.

Work Together on Shipment Level.



Explore the punctuality of your deliveries with our real-time dashboard on on-time performance at the Port of Discharge. Compare actual arrival (ATA) with initial planning (ETA) to gain insights into carrier and port performance. Discover the fastest and most reliable supply chain routes for your shipments.

Utilize powerful filters to generate tailored reports, including performance by carrier, origin country, destination country, and total performance by month. Easily track performance trends on a monthly basis by carrier.

Should you require additional visualizations or insights, we are happy to integrate them. Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs!



Explore real-time insights on distinct container volumes with our volume dashboard, tracking containers that have arrived in the past and those currently in transit. Utilize powerful filters to narrow down your search and focus on specific criteria.

Identify arrived containers, indicating those that have reached the delivery location or are otherwise considered completed. Gain a comprehensive overview, including total container counts by type, origin country, destination country, carrier, and monthly loading volumes.

For detailed insights, delve into individual carrier profiles to understand their performance and contribution to your supply chain. With our volume dashboard, you'll have the tools you need to optimize your container management processes effectively.




Gain direct insight into the lead times of your supply chains based on real data. Our dashboard provides an accurate overview of transportation durations, including the pure travel time of vessels and the duration from gate-in (POL) to gate-out (POD).

Access real-time data to understand the true duration of transportation, allowing for quick comparisons between routes and carriers. With no estimations involved, you'll have access to the genuine data of your deliveries, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations efficiently.



The Perfect Tool-Set to gain Overview over your Ocean Freight Tracking

Simplify your daily operations in ocean freight with BlueBoxOcean. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline your workflow and unlock the full potential of your data. Save time and optimize your processes by easily comparing and collaborating. With BlueBoxOcean, navigating the complexities of ocean freight has never been easier.

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Streamline communication and enhance collaboration by providing easy access to essential documents, fostering efficiency and transparency throughout the shipping process in BlueBoxOcean.

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In BlueBoxOcean, every shipment includes a dedicated comment section, allowing for direct communication where the data resides. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the right email.



Check the on-time performance of carriers and ports. Find the best supply chain for your containers with just a few clicks and report to your clients in no time.

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When you need to know the average lead time of the certain route by a certain carrier, normally you can never be sure. BlueBoxOcean gives you a perfect overview based on actual data - just in seconds.

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In BlueBoxOcean, effortlessly export your shipment data into a pre-formatted Excel file with just a few clicks. Seamlessly import it into any tool of your choice. Add filters, click export - done.

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With BlueBoxOcean you can maintain complete oversight of all your shipments at all times. Utilize an extensive array of handy filters to showcase the shipments you need to focus on.

Ocean Freight Visibility Perfect for your Needs

BlueBoxOcean offers three distinct versions tailored to your needs. Whether you require raw data for integration into your existing solution, a fully functional platform accessible via your web browser, or a white-labeled solution to offer your clients, BlueBoxOcean ensures top-tier data quality.


Integrate our high quality data via our modern and easy to connect API into your own solution. 


Use our intuitive UI directly from the browser. Ready to get started right away.


White Label

Offer BlueBoxOcean as your own platform to your clients, complete with your corporate identity, logo etc.

Customers Using BlueBoxOcean


BlueBoxOcean White Label


WACO uses our BlueBoxOcean Whitelabel solution to offer ocean freight tracking to their members.


Especially the document sharing and comment section was important to WACO, so the members can cooperate on shipment level.

Let's Work Together

BlueBoxOcean provides comprehensive tracking functionality for your ocean freight shipments, ensuring optimal visibility throughout the entire journey. However, should you require additional features or customization, we're here to collaborate with you. Leveraging the expertise of our parent company, BusinessCode, we have the capability to deliver the tailored solution you require for your specific needs.

Reach your destination now: Contact us!

Benefit from:


Optimized Supply Chains


Quick Insights


Detailled Reportings




One Platform


Save Time and Money

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