The Complete Air Freight Tracking Experience

If you have time-sensitive goods, you use air freight. This makes delays and other influences on the supply chain all the more drastic. BlueBoxAir provides the most accurate real-time data in an unique overview so that you can react immediately.

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High Speed Overview

In just a few clicks, you get a direct overview of your shipments, reports and analyses.

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Tons of Shipment Data

We gather data from over 120 airlines, 1.600 airports and further data sources.

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Advanced Algorithms

Our algorithms can form a central truth from various data sources.

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Cooperation Tools on Shipment-level

Share documents and comments on each shipment with your customers or partners.

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Qualified Decision-Making

Make decisions on optimizing your supply chain based on facts, not assumptions.

Build with Logistic Specialists for Logistic Specialists

Our parent company BusinessCode has been digitizing logistics processes for 25 years. It developed BlueboxAir together with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics - a cooperation that combined both logistics expertise.
The result is an air freight visibility platform that is unique in its scope and quality.
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Get a quick and comprehensive view of all your air freight shipments as soon as you log in to BlueBoxAir. Our intuitive dashboard displays everything you need to know, including ETA changes, flight connection risks, delays, and split shipments – all on one page. Our system is designed to provide you with shipment and flight-related information, as well as any associated events, based on your AWB.



One of the standout features of BlueBoxAir is the extensive level of data provided. With details like ATA/ETA, chargeable weight, delay information, airline and aircraft type, port of transshipment, and even split shipment status, you gain a comprehensive view of your air freight. This allows you to proactively identify any delays, their location, and the reasons behind them.



The reporting feature is at the core of BlueBox Air, providing you with the power to create comprehensive and insightful reports effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can access minute-by-minute insights into the chargeable weight, performance of airlines and tradelanes, and identify the best in class. Additionally, you can easily compare these factors, view transloading times, and get an overview of any delays. This invaluable information forms the solid foundation for optimizing and establishing the most efficient supply chains.

Gain Complete Visibilty Over your Air Freight.

Save Yourself Time, Money and Nerves.


Shipment Details

You can even go one level deeper with the real-time map. Track your shipments in real time. BlueBox Systems uses an interactive world map that shows the current position of the aircraft to the nearest minute. You can also call up an image of the actual aircraft and view the current cruising speed. As if you were on board.


Logger Integration

By integrating the passive trackers, they become semi-active in combination with the real-time data. This is because you can link the data from the passive trackers with the real-time data and thus fully understand what happened to your shipment and when. So you get semi-active trackers for the price of passive ones. 
However, all other types of trackers can also be integrated. Just get in touch with us.



With BlueBoxAir, you not only track your air cargo in real time, but also the CO2 emissions generated in the process on an aircraft-by-aircraft basis. No calculation on estimated values, but actual emissions, matching the aircraft type used. And with our partner myclimate, you can also offset them directly.


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Everything you Need to Find the Perfect Air Freight Visibility

BlueBoxAir offers a wide range of functions that make day-to-day work with your air freight extremely easy. You can save time and get the best out of your data by comparing, collaborating and gaining an overview of complex processes such as split shipments.

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Work together with your collegues, clients and partners by sharing shipment related documents inside BlueBoxAir in the shipmet detail view.

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Each shipment has a comment section to communicate right where the data is - no need to search for the right email or chat message.

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BlueBoxAir uses data to predict the ETA in cases of delays. This gives you room to react and optimize the supply chain accordingly.



Find the best airline for your shipment by comparing their performance - easily with just a few clicks.

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Compare every possible tradelane to find the best route for your shipment easily. BlueBoxAir offers a comprehensible overview with all the necessary data.

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Shipment might be splitted during the transport and each part receives it's own ETA. BlueBoxAir let's you keep track of each splitted shipment.

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You can export the data of your shipments into an already formatted Excel file with just a few clicks. Import it in every tool you like.

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Never lose the overview of all your shipments. With a wide range of useful filters you can group and display all the shipments you want to work with.

Air Freight Visibility The Way You Need It

BlueBoxAir comes in three different versions. Either you just need the data to integrate into your solution, the whole platform ready to use via your browser or your own solution you can offer to your clients - BlueBoxAir offers high quality data.


Integrate our high quality data via our modern and easy to connect API into your own solution. 


Use our intuitive UI directly from the browser. Ready to get started right away. 

White Label

Offer BlueBoxAir as your own platform to your clients, complete with your corporate identity, logo etc.

Customers Using BlueBoxAir


BlueBoxAir White Label


They use their BlueBoxAir whitelabel solution called SmartAIR!, tailored to their corporate design. 



Hellmann won many new clients over the last 2 years for their visibility solution based on BlueBoxAir.


BlueBoxAir API


Siemens integrated the BlueBoxAir data into their supply chain management solution AX4.



Over 500.000 users access the air freight data by BlueBoxAir and achieve high quaity visibility.


BlueBoxAir Platform


SFS uses BlueBoxAir for the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments to ensure seamless monitoring and transparency.


By using BlueBoxAir, SFS has been able to increase customer satisfaction and offer them greater transparency.

Let's Work Together

BlueBoxAir offers all the functionality to track your air freight shipments. It is the best tool to achieve the ultimate visibility.
But if you are missing a certain feature or the solution should be customized in any way, we can work on it together. 
Thanks to our parent company BusinessCode we have the necessary expertise to give you the individual solution you need.
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Optimized Supply Chains


Fast Reactions


Detailed Reporting




One Platform


Time and Cost Savings

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