Supply chain visibility for highly regulated pharmaceutical transports

Air Freight and the tracking of sensitive shipments play a central role in the logistics of the pharmaceutical industry.

SFS Pharma Logistics new customer for BlueBox Systems

Bonn, 27 September 2023 – Every year the pharmaceutical industry transports goods worth more than a trillion dollars. Air freight plays a key role in this, because it enables transportation over long distances in the shortest time possible. For sensitive goods that require regulatory approval, a stable and functioning supply chain is essential. Comprehensive visibility is the decisive factor. But in air freight, visibility is often lacking for a seamless supply chain BlueBox Systems’ air freight tracking platform offers a solution: Integrated in the shortest time possible, it provides a real-time overview of all necessary freight logistic data. With immediate effect, SFS Pharma Logistics, a specialty courier company, relies on the BlueBox Systems solution, too.

There are a lot of strict requirements in the pharmaceutical market: a lot of pharmaceutical and biotechnical products rely on a certain cold chain. Regarding very sensitive products, environmental conditions like humidity, light, oxygen, shocks, pressure, vibrations, and X-rays have to be taken into account and controlled during the transport by truck, rail, ship or air freight. These quality risks during transport must be minimized as far as possible. Thus, it’s very important to implement modern technologies for robust supply chains After all, the access of visibility data and its analysis provide necessary insights so that supply chains can be optimized.

The air freight solution of BlueBox Systems contributes to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. “Our solution combines state-of-the-art technologies and advanced data analytics to provide a comprehensive view of the condition and the location of pharmaceutical transports,” says Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems. “Due to our data, pharmaceutical logistic companies are able to track the temperature and the condition of the transports, for example. By doing so, they can avoid costly damage or delays. Furthermore, they can also proactively intervene in the transport progress – thanks to predictive analytics of the transport data – in order to deliver products faster while preventing delays. In addition, data sharing along the supply chain ensures more trust between all parties.”

SFS Pharma Logistics, a specialty courier company, relies on BlueBox Systems with immediate effect. With its own branches in the whole Asia-Pacific region, Singapore-based SFS Pharma Logistics is the market leader in Asia specializing in the transport of temperature-controlled goods. “When transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods, we rely on extensive use of technology to ensure a seamless monitoring and transparency. By integrating BlueBox Systems‘ data into our system, we now offer our customers an even better visibility of their transports,” says Guan Zhengyi, Regional Business Process Manager at SFS Pharma Logistics.

In addition, specialized data trackers for pharmaceutical deliveries can be integrated into BlueBox Systems’ platform BlueBoxAir. This allows a combination of data like temperature, humidity, light or information about vibrations with real-time data of the carriers, which enables a seamless tracking of sensitive freight. This shows very fast, for example, where exactly an increased temperature or a strong vibration has occurred. This kind of data is valuable for optimizing the supply chain and choosing the best cargo airline. Especially the cost-effective semi-active tracker – when it’s combined with the realtime tracking platform BlueBoxAir – become an equivalent and cost-efficient alternative, compared to active cost-intensive tracker systems.

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