BlueBox Systems integrates semi-active tracker from Logmore

Low-cost semi-active trackers become an ideal tracking solution with BlueBoxAir's real-time flight data.

Both companies thus offer an ideal solution for tracking perishable and medical products.

Based on its own product BlueBoxAir, BlueBox Systems has developed the whitelabel solution SmartAir for one of the world’s largest logistics companies Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. In this process, many Hellmann-specific requirements were integrated and the product was adapted to suit their customers. Through the partnership cooperation, the Hellmann solution is constantly being further developed – and thus also automatically the own solution BlueBoxAir. An important development step in this context was the integration of Logmore’s innovative semi-active trackers, whose data can now be accessed in SmartAir/SmartOcean as well as in BlueBoxAir in combination with real-time carrier data – unique on the market.

What are semi-active trackers?

To be precise, they are passive dynamic QR data trackers. They are attached to the respective shipment and measure temperature, humidity, light as well as vibration. With each measurement, they generate a new QR code on an e-ink display with minimal energy consumption. The data is fed into the system by scanning it with a standard smartphone camera. Thus, for example, as soon as the delivery arrives, the QR code can be scanned directly and the history of various measurement results from the entire supply chain can be viewed. Thus, especially in the case of perishable and sensitive goods, one knows what condition they are in upon arrival.

Logmore’s semi-active tracker inside BlueBoxAir

The advantages of integrating semi-active trackers into BlueBoxAir are many:

a) Overview of the data
Once the QR code has been scanned, the recorded data is displayed within the BlueBoxAir platform and combined with the data from the air freight tracking. This shows very quickly where exactly an increased temperature or a strong vibration has occurred, for example. This data is extremely valuable for optimizing supply chains and selecting the best carriers.

b) Lower costs
The inexpensive semi-active trackers, when combined with the BlueBoxAir real-time tracking platform, become an equivalent as well as lower cost alternative to active high-cost tracker systems. They offer the same accuracy at a fraction of the price. In addition, if Logmore trackers are already in use, their data can also be displayed in BlueBoxAir – no new trackers need to be purchased.

c) Speed
The integration into BlueBoxAir provides a user-friendly overview of the collected data of the tracker as well as the shipment data of the carriers and airports directly after scanning the QR code. If the tracker is additionally scanned during loading at transshipment points, the data can even be viewed beforehand and the condition of the shipment can be taken into account at an early stage in the further course of the supply chain. All in all, Logmore trackers in combination with BlueBoxAir are 95% faster than comparable passive trackers.

Tracker integration especially interesting for specific shipments

The more sensitive the cargo and the more important the condition upon arrival for further use/processing/sale, the more important it is to accurately monitor the shipment. This is because it is often not possible to detect on arrival that temperature or humidity limits have been exceeded during the shipment. In the case of important and sensitive medicines, this is a key factor, but it can also play an important role in the transport of fruit.

Logmore and BlueBox Systems – partnership at eye level

The integration of Logmore trackers into BlueBoxAir as well as Hellmann’s SmartAir and SmartOcean has resulted in a close partnership between Logmore and BlueBox Systems. A partnership that builds on the fact that even more innovative tracking solutions will be developed together in the future.

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