BlueBox Systems establishes Advisory Board

BlueBox Systems receives strong support from the expertise of Michael Wallraven, Jochen Frömming and Christoph Osterbrink.

Expertise for strategic growth and innovation

Bonn, 23. August 2023 – BlueBox Systems, a leading developer of intelligent air freight tracking solutions, has now established a high-level Advisory Board to provide strategic support and fresh impetus from the outside for the company’s development. Michael Wallraven, Jochen Frömming und Christoph Osterbrink are part of the Advisory Board. All of them will bring many years of expertise and valuable experience from various disciplines and industries.

„With BlueBox Systems we want to make the supply chains in air freight and logistics more transparent and thus more efficient at the same time. The support of the experts of the Advisory Board is very important for us. Their expertise and extensive industry knowledge will help BlueBox Systems on its way to continue to develop innovative solutions that focus on customer needs,” says Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems.

The members of the Advisory Board – Michael Wallraven, Jochen Frömming and Christoph Osterbrink – are proven experts in technology, logistics and finance. BlueBox Systems thus consciously incorporrates knowledge and market expertise of respected industry experts with different professional backgrounds and skills into its strategic considerations.

„I support BlueBox Systems as part of the Advisory Boad because I am convinced of the company‘s power of innovation. BlueBox Systems has the potential to transform logistics industry with its advanced solutions and make it more efficient,” says Michael Wallraven. He has earned 30 years of experience in the B2B technology industry, helping several leading supply chain and logistics software companies to expand their presence and to grow fast in Europe. Michael Wallraven is Chief Growth Officer at Logward, one of the new highly scalable supply chain orchestration control tower platforms. Prior to Longward he was Vice President and Managing Director at project44, responsible for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and for all regions in Middle and Eastern Europe. He was responsible for all commercial activities, the go-to-market and growth strategy of the company.

Jochen Frömming has experience in the logistic business for more than twenty years. He knows the industry like no other. „As a part of the Advisory Board I would like to contribute with my knowledge and my experience to help BlueBox Systems to further develop its solutions and help the company to adapt to the challenges of the logistics industry,” he explains. „I strongly believe in the promising future of BlueBox Systems.” Jochen Frömming is part of the Logivest Concept GmbH management team since April 2023, primarily advancing the expansion of process consulting. Prior to that the Dortmund native was an authorized officer and new business sales manager at SSI Schäfer for more than twenty years.

Christoph Osterbrink got many years of experience in the finance and investment sector, and he also sees a lot of potential at BlueBox Systems. „BlueBox Systems established itself as an innovative player in the logistics industry. I’m looking forward contributing my financial expertise and to accompany the growth of this company. Together we can help BlueBox Systems to be even more successful.” Osterbrink is a partner of Steinbeis M&A Partners GmbH, one of the leading M&A consultancies for medium-sized companies, focusing on the planning and execution of corporate transactions. In addition to his work at Steinbeis M&A Christoph Osterbrink is a founding partner of Steinbeis Consulting for Impact Investing, a consulting firm for sustainable and social companies in emerging and developing countries. Previously, for example, he was Executive Director Corporate Finance & Capital Markets at the investment bank Fortis (today known as ABN Amro) in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, and responsible for M&A and capital market transactions focusing on healthcare. When he was Director at Ernest & Young Corporate Finance / M&A his focal point was the life sciences sector.

About BlueBox Systems

BlueBox Systems makes it possible to monitor airfreight in real time. What was previously a black box, now becomes transparent. The individual stops of air freight while in transit to its destination can be tracked in real time. The shipper knows where the shipment is and can provide information about the estimated time of delivery at any time. Recipients can take care of further scheduling in advance, avoiding costly delays and damage.

Image sources: Michael Wallraven, Christoph Osterbrink, Jochen Frömming

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