BlueBox Systems one of the 10 most innovative logistics companies

Awarded innovation - BlueBox Systems is one of the top10 logistics companies worldwide with their solution BlueBoxAir. Read more!

Bonn, 12.08.2021 –Logistics Tech Outlook magazine regularly recognizes exceptional companies and technologies from the logistics scene. As one of the most important readings for logistics experts, this award has a very high value. It is therefore all the more gratifying that we have been honored as one of the most innovative logistics companies worldwide for our BlueBoxAirreal-time tracking software.

The worldwide distributed industry magazine Logistics Tech Outlook offers logistics companies as well as their customers a very good overview of current trends and developments and an understanding of the currently high industry dynamics. One tool is the creation of lists of the 10 best companies or technologies in a specific sector. BlueBox Systems is now part of such a list: We are among the 10 most innovative logistics companies in Europe in 2021, more precisely: “Top Freight Management Solution Providers in Europe 2021”.

What makes us particularly happy is that we are not only part of this list, but also lead it. For this reason, our tracking software BlueBox Air will also receive an award and we can officially call ourselves the most innovative logistics company. A great award that appreciates all the work and expertise that goes into our product. It makes us extremely proud to be noticed and additionally awarded by the industry after such a short time. In combination with the increasing interest in the market, this award underlines that we are on the right track,” says our managing director Martin Schulze. You can find all the award content in the print edition at the end of this month. You can already find a preview in the form of an article here.

Award and article in the latest issue of “Logsitics Tech Outlook”.

And we are just at the beginning. We are constantly developing our BlueBoxAir solution and expanding it with additional technologies. Not (only) with the aim of winning further awards, but to optimize airfreight logistics even further. Because BlueBoxAir can already retrieve up-to-the-minute data from more than 130 airlines and over 1,600 airports. This allows not only the answer to the question where a specific shipment is exactly at this moment, but also if it is delayed, why and where the delay has occurred. But BlueBoxAir offers much more information: ATA/ETA, Chargeable weight, Delay, Airline, Aircraft type, Transshipment Port, Split Shipment are just a few examples of information you get per shipment. In addition, detailed reports can be generated based on all data: Up-to-the-minute overview of chargeable weight, performance of the respective airlines and/or tradelanes, best in class. The perfect basis to not only optimize supply chains, but to establish the best supply chains.

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