Vizion and BlueBox Systems Launch Commercial Partnership

BlueBox Systems and Vizion combine their Air Freight and Ocean Freight data for the ultimate in supply chain transaprency.

BlueBox Systems and Vizion have established a business alliance that will provide users of both firms with end-to-end product location data and increased supply chain visibility.

The previous two years have seen a significant increase in supply chain difficulties. While COVID-19 caused labor shortages and significant swings in demand, pre-existing structural problems in the supply chain and a general lack of visibility made the pandemic’s shockwaves even more severe.

In the actual world, these supply chain issues had a number of negative effects, including:

  • Dozens of ships waiting for days or weeks off of the world’s busiest ports.
  • Long lead times for the delivery of certain goods.
  • Volatility in the prices of natural resources and raw materials.
  • Empty store shelves.
  • General confusion within companies that rely on air cargo and ocean freight.
  • Without reliable supply chain visibility, many companies were left to wonder where their products were located in the world — which is a common problem according to research.

Lack of trustworthy supply chain visibility left many businesses wondering where their items were in the world, which is a problem that is frequently encountered, according to studies.

Only 21% of respondents to a 2020 Gartner study of global supply chain leaders have “excellent visibility and the agility to shift sourcing, manufacturing and distribution activities around fast,” according to the results. This suggests that more than three-quarters of supply chain leaders are unable to quickly decide based on the current supply chain situation.

To give supply chain leaders the visibility they now lack, BlueBox Systems and Vizion exist.

BlueBox Systems delivers real-time visibility into the location of your air cargo. When using BlueBox Systems, you can track shipments across 1,600 airports and 130 airlines, including fresh aircraft position data every 10 minutes. Status updates include ETA changes, flight connection risks, delays, airport performance, transloading times, plus more. BlueBox Systems’ cargo platform even helps users calculate emissions per product based on the type of aircraft and real-time flight data.

Vizion API provides a similar level of visibility to users tracking ocean freight, including logistics service providers, shippers and cargo owners, plus technology providers in the logistics space. After integrating with Vizion API, users receive complete, standardized and detailed container tracking information that can be used by shipping, inventory and finance teams to make decisions based on the most complete and up to date information available. Vizion’s data covers 98% of all global ocean freight shipments.

“Blue Box Systems and Vizion API offer the best of both worlds, combining Sea and Air Freight data to provide a unique supply chain visibility in the market”, highlighted Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems. “We are very pleased to have found in Vizion a partner with the same passion for pushing the digitalization of supply chains and providing high quality solutions.”

“The supply chain challenges of the last two years have highlighted the lack of visibility that cargo owners have in locating their products,” said Vizion CEO Kyle Henderson. “We’re excited to partner with BlueBox Systems to better support customers’ visibility needs across air and ocean freight. The impact of offering visibility across multiple modes of freight elevates business and supply chain performance in the fulfillment of consumer needs.”

Through this new alliance, BlueBox Systems will be able to serve the needs of its users for ocean freight visibility. Users of Vizion who additionally require visibility of air cargo will be able to seek assistance from BlueBox Systems. In the upcoming months and years, the companies hope to strengthen their partnership by making each other’s data even more easily accessible to consumers who require extensive supply chain awareness.

About BlueBox Systems
BlueBox Systems makes it possible to monitor airfreight in real time. What was previously a black box, now becomes transparent. The individual stops of air freight while in transit to its destination can be tracked in real time. The shipper knows where the shipment is and can provide information about the estimated time of delivery at any time. Recipients can take care of further scheduling in advance, avoiding costly delays and damage.

About Vizion
Vizion is an API-based solution for ocean freight visibility. The company’s API helps logistics service providers, cargo owners, and other stakeholders act on their digital ambitions by integrating essential data and insights into existing enterprise systems and delivering a stronger customer experience. Vizion’s products include visibility APIs, data benchmarking, and enriched, accessible datasets built on fundamentally sound information technology infrastructures.

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