Otonomi relies on data of BlueBox Systems

BlueBox Systems' API solution empowers insurance company Otonomi to monitor cargo delays, mitigating risks and ensuring peace of mind for shippers.

Bonn, 19 February 2024 – BlueBox Systems, one of the leading developers of intelligent air 
freight tracking solutions, has gained a new customer in Otonomi. The US-licensed MGA and 
registered Lloyd’s Coverholder is specialized on cargo delay insurances for time-critical freight. 
Otonomi is using the API-solution of BlueBox Systems to monitor cargo delays and supply chain 
disruptions, which cost the industry to excess of 50 billion US-Dollars per year. The air freight 
tracking programming interface of BlueBox Systems delivers data of more than 130 airlines, 
1,600 airports and over 40 million status updates every day.

"It's a real distinction for us that Otonomi is using the data of BlueBox Systems for the processing of 
insurance cases," says Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems. "This proves the reliability of our 
excellent data." Unexpected circumstances can arise at any time during freight transportation and 
disrupt the entire supply chain. Data of Otonomi shows, that around 62 percent of cargo flights are 
delayed every year.

"Insurance policies have historically excluded delays, making it impossible to get claims paid", states 
Yann Barbarroux, CEO & Co-Founder at Otonomi. "Our cargo delay insurance bridges that protection
gap, empowering logistics to mitigate supply chain risks, and providing peace of mind to shippers." He
adds: "We provide shippers a simple yet powerful way to manage financial risks arising from freight

"We make it a priority to provide cutting-edge data-driven risk management solutions adapted to the 
specific needs of this industry", says Yann Barbarroux, Otonomi’s CEO. "To do so, we are incredibly 
thrilled to have access to the best-in-class data provided by BlueBox Systems."

Through the cutting-edge client API provided by BlueBox Systems, Otonomi can integrate this data in 
its own solution and has access to real-time information regarding AirWayBills monitoring, complex 
cargo scheduling and supply chain disruptions. The API streamlines processes by fostering automation 
and seamless system interactions, reducing manual intervention, and improving overall operational 
efficiency. BlueBox Systems' solution toolkit provides the global logistics market with user-friendly, 
operationally intuitive, and yet robust end-to-end data security.

"Another great advantage of our API solution is flexibility", explains Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox 
Systems. "The interface can be adapted easily to the needs of any individual customer." Siemens, 4flow 
and Thinkprime are also using the API interface, for example.

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