The platform for Air Cargo Tracking

Quickly monitor your entire air cargo with just a few clicks – BlueBoxAir makes it possible.
Through our innovative IOT software solution, you will know the exact status of your shipment in real time.


As SaaS (Software as a Service), BlueBoxAir can be accessed from anywhere, all you need is an up-to-date browser. This allows you to easily access and process the real-time data of your air cargo shipment: Compare the on-time performance of over 130 airlines via the intuitive user interface. Find the fastest routings for your time-sensitive shipments.


Everything at a glance – after logging in to BlueBoxAir, you directly get an overview of all your current air freight shipments on an intuitive dashboard.
ETA Changes, Flight Connection at Risk, Delays as well as Split Shipments are clearly displayed on one page.
Based on AWB, the system presents you with all shipment & flight related information as well as associated events.


A great strength of BlueBoxAir is the high level of detail of the data offered:
ATA/ETA, chargeable weight, delay, airline, aircraft type, port of transshipment, split shipment are just a few examples of information you receive per shipment.

This gives you complete visibility into the status of your air freight and allows you to see early if a shipment is delayed, where and why.


You can even go one level of detail deeper with the Realtime Map. Track your shipments in real time.
To do this, BlueBoxAir uses an interactive world map that shows the current position of the aircraft minutes in detail. In addition, you can call up an image of the actual aircraft and view the current cruising speed. As if you were on board.


The heart of BlueBox Air is probably the reporting. Here you can create detailed and meaningful reports with just a few clicks:
Get a minute-by-minute overview of
Chargeable Weight, the performance of the respective airlines and/or tradelanes, Best in Class.
You can also compare them directly with each other and display the respective transloading time and/or an overview of delays.
The perfect foundation to not only optimize your supply chains, but to establish the best supply chains.


With BlueBoxAir, you not only track your air cargo in real time, but also the CO2 emissions generated in the process on an aircraft-by-aircraft basis. No calculation on estimated values, but actual emissions, matching the aircraft used. And with our partner myClimate, you can also offset them directly.


By integrating the passive trackers, they become semi-active in combination with the real-time data. This is because you can link the data from the passive trackers with the real-time data and thus fully understand what happened to your shipment and when. So you get semi-active trackers for the price of passive ones.



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