BOSTON — Leading in-transit visibility provider Tive and BlueBox Systems, a leading real-time air shipment tracking provider, have announced that BlueBox Systems will join the Open Visibility Network (OVN). By integrating data and insights beyond shipment location and condition, the newest member of OVN will provide mutual customers with air cargo insights that increase the end-customer experience.
Logistics professionals continue to demand more actionable insights to actively manage their customer’s growing expectations. BlueBox Systems contributes critical data that provides more transparency in air freight and is a complimentary member of the OVN community of visibility providers. BlueBoxAir, a unique air cargo tracking platform, is based on more than 20 years of experience in the digitalization of logistics processes. Simple to integrate, it allows an unprecedented real-time overview of all necessary logistics data of air cargo. BlueBoxAir provides all the information you need to optimize your supply chains, whether you are a logistics or trading company.

“We are convinced that the digitization of the logistics industry will only gain momentum if innovators work together and offer customers the best technological combinations,” said Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems. “The Open Visibility Network is a central component in this strategy, as it brings the best players to the table according to the same principles. We are proud to be part of this group with our solution BlueBoxAir.”

“I could not be more thrilled to welcome BlueBox Systems to the Open Visibility Network They are the leaders in real-time air cargo tracking data and add tremendous value to the visibility ecosystem,” said Tive CEO and Founder Krenar Komoni. “Combining air cargo data and real-time location and condition data utilizing trackers, customers around the globe can get true real-time information on what is happening with their air shipments. We are excited for BlueBox Systems to join this powerful partnership of top visibility solutions providers to help make global supply chains more efficient.”

This newest addition to the OVN combines BlueBox’s air cargo tracking data with data from other industry leaders’ data, including Tive, project44, FourKites, Everstream Analytics, TransVoyant, MarineTraffic, ParkourSC, WeatherOptics and FarEye to deliver immediate next-gen value to global supply chains.

About BlueBox Systems

BlueBox Systems enables monitoring of airfreight in real time. What was previously a black box now becomes transparent. What was previously a black box, now becomes transparent. The individual stops of air freight while in transit to its destination can be tracked in real time. The shipper knows where the shipment is and can provide information about the estimated time of delivery at any time. Recipients can execute further scheduling in advance, avoiding costly delays and damage.

About the Open Visibility Network

The Open Visibility Network connects shippers, logistics service providers, brokers and customers through collaborative data sharing adding in-transit visibility beyond what’s available today. The platform encourages data sharing among supply chain participants, allowing for increased visibility and collection of critical shipment data across platforms. OVN is ultimately designed to benefit the end consumer of visibility data and starts with tech providers collaborating to create 100% visibility across all shipments and all modes.